From the Old Blog to the New

As some of you may know, Writing to be Read was originally published on Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately, since I like this site much better), just up and disappeared one day – the whole site! – no forewarning, no “see ya laters”, not even a “sorry but we’re shutting down”. Due to that fact, all of my original posts there are no longer in existance. This includes several book reviews that I had done for fellow authors, which I really don’t think is fair to them, especially if they have reprinted them, in whole or in part, on their websites or elsewhere, or published links to them to promote their books. For that reason, I will be reprinting the reviews from the original site here, so bear with me if you have already read them. So, here are two reviews that I had originally published there for Demon Hunter: The Chosen One and Demon Hunter: Seek and Destroy, both by Cynthia Vespia. If you didn’t read the original reviews, then I hope you will read them now and be encouraged to go out and buy the books, because they truly are well worth reading. I was hoping that Cynthia would come out with a third book in the series, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

Demon Hunter: The Chosen One

"Demon Hunter: The Chosen One"

"Demon Hunter: The Chosen One" by Cynthia Vespia

I just finished reading Demon Hunter: The Chosen One, by Cynthia Vespia. For fans of dark fantasy, this book is a must read. It has all the qualities dark fiction readers could want: adventure; mystery; demons; werewolves; vampires and more. There is evil lurking in the shadows and young Costa is searching for who he really is. As he unlocks the secrets of his past, he finds himself facing a frightening and dangerous future, should he choose to follow the destiny that he reveals to be his. Used to facing adversity alone, he must learn to accept and depend on the help of his new found family, who teach him the meaning true friendship. Through these lessons he learns not only who he is, but also where his strengths and weaknesses lie, and how they can best be put to use to accomplish the tasks that lie ahead. This medieval tale will take you on an adventure into the darker realms, with characters that you come to care about and love. As in all such tales, good must triumph over evil, but will Costa learn his lessons fast enough and well enough to accomplish the task? A truly good, old fashioned legend and lore adventure novel that leaves readers thirsting for the sequel, which, fortunately, is coming out this month. Once you read this one, you won’t want to miss Demon Hunter: Seek and Destroy. Both are available in digital format and can be purchased through the Cynthia Vespia Book Store.

Demon Hunter: Seek and Destroy, a Supernaturally Good Read

"Demon Hunter: Seek and Destroy"

"Demon Hunter: Seek and Destroy", by Cynthia Vespia


The second book in Cynthia Vespia’s Demon Hunter series, Seek and Destroy has a little of everything that lovers of the supernatural might be looking for. Costa Calabrese is back, with his friends Telisa and Paralay, for more action and adventure in the dark realm. This time, love plays a role in motivating the demon hunter’s actions, pushing him accept the unrequested lot that he has been given in life and to face evil head on, in darker forms than ever before. Shape shifting demons, walking dead, dragons, werewolves, the hounds of hell, and even the dark lord himself await Costa and his friends in this adventurous journey that leads across the storming seas and straight into the pit of hell. Along the way there is self-revelation for Costa, especially when he thinks that he has lost the one he loves forever. For good to triumph over evil, Costa must come to terms with who he is and learn to take control of his fate from here on out. To find out if Costa and his friends can conquer their fears and win the battles that lay before them, a copy of Demon Hunter: Seek and Destroy can be acquired through the Cynthia Vespia Book Store. I highly recommend that you get your copy today.

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