“The Fishing Trip: A Ghost Story”, by Chris Keys

I recently had the pleasure of editing The Fishing Trip: A Ghost Story, by Chris Key’s. It was a pleasure for three reasons: first, it is a thrill to work with Chris, who has chosen to develop his writing talents, after proving his abilities in several other career areas, including the political arena, and advertising and marketing – experience that he brings to the writing desk with him; second, I consider Chris to be a friend, as well as a colleague; and third, I love a good ghost story. For these reasons also, it is a pleasure to write a review for the e-book story. So even though my opinion might be slightly biased, I will admit that freely, and then present to you my review without further adieu.

"The Fishing Trip", by Chris Keys

A Truly Chilling Tale

If you like a good, old fashioned ghost story, The Fishing Trip is an e-book that you will truly enjoy. It is filled with frightful specters that must be overcome in this classic good vs. evil theme. What starts out to be a beautiful day of salmon fishing, turns into a night of fear and tragedy, as our heroes, two brothers, Bill and Ryan, fight for their lives and the lives of their friends, against the great evil that lies beneath the surface waters of Lake Michigan. The Fishing Trip is a truly chilling tale that will satisfy the ghost lover in all of us. Key’s colorful characters and gruesome ghouls are believable and entertaining; his storyline, enthralling and filled with suspense. You won’t want to stop reading until the very last word.
You can get your copy of The Fishing Trip on Smashwords. It will be available in a week to ten days, for $2.99, which is a really good price, but to make it even better, Chris is offering a coupon to the first 100 readers, so they can get The Fishing Trip for free!

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