“Awesome Tales #10”: An awesome tribute to pulp fiction of old

Amazing Tales #10

You just don’t see a lot of pulp magazines anymore in the classic tradition from days of old, but Awesome Tales is a modern pulp magazine pulp fans will take delight in. If your a fan of the dazzling heroes and diabolical villians of the classic pulp traditions, Awesome Tales #10 takes you on a refreshing trip down memory lane with four masterfully written contemporary tales, by four different authors, told in classic pulp form and style.

“No Virtue in Patience”, by John L. French is a futuristic pulp story with tech gangs and computer generated card tournaments. A heist of the biggest solitaire game in town, with a proize of a solid gold deck of cards.

“No Patience for Fools” by Aaron Rosenberg offers a different perspective on the solitaire tournament of the previous story. Cleverly crafted to tell the same story from the opposite side of the law, it has a surprise ending, as well.

In “Broken Doll” by Quintin Peterson, tough guy bionic P.I. Luther Kane sets out to save a one-legged streetwalker named Gypsy, and maybe his own guilt ridden self, but he learns the classic lesson all P.I.s should know the hard way: never trust anyone.

“Give Them a Corpse Part 2” by Rich Harvey is the second part of a three part story featuring the Domino Lady, a classic masked superheroine, complete with crime fighting skills and secret identity, fights against the classic villians of The Black Legion. Like all good cloak and dagger crime fighting serials, this story easily stands alone.

Every one of the stories in Awesome Tales #10 are well-crafted and entertaining. They will satisfy hardcore pulp fans and maybe even earn the genre a few new fans. I give it five quills.


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  3. Hi Everyone. Rich Harvey saw this article and wanted to share some writing advice that he felt would be relevant. If your interested in learning more about imparting backstory while keeping the plot moving, check out the reprint of this 1935 Writer’s Digest article by pulp fiction agent Lurton Blassingame, “Dummies with Names”, reprinted on the Bold adventure Press blog. The information is still relevant today and worth checking out. Thanks for sharing Rich. 🙂


  4. Great little article, and one that reminds of the sort of masked Avenger type comics I used to read when I was a boy – It was only discovering and reading a couple of Tom Johnson’s books quite recently that has reminded me how enjoyable and fun to read the genre can be.

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  5. A most interesting review, Kaye. I have only ever watched Pulp Fiction but nothing else along these lines.

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