“Reprisal! The Eagle Rises” gives readers something to think about

Reprisal! The Eagle Rises, by Chris Keys is a thought provoking action thriller novel, as terrorist forces move to take control of the U.S. and ineffective politicians play right into their hands in a scenario that may be all too possible and too similar to reality for comfort. Keys gives readers a look at what might happen if a force with unlimited resources takes matters into their own hands and takes the action that the government either can’t or is unwilling to take. The politics of Reprisal! are eerily familiar, making one envision how easy it would be for a scenario such as this one to really happen. After reading this book you may even be just a little uneasy, for many of the circumstances reflected seem all too real. When the most recent terrorist attack kills members of General Chip Clarrett’s family, he decides to step down from his government post and climb on board Steven Howard ‘s Kilauea Corporation, and the fight becomes a personal. Can Kilauea Corporation stop the terrorist forces that are trying to infiltrate the U.S.? Can they really be more effective than government entities from around the world? Watch and see, as Kilauea forces swing into action and go after the terrorist cell that has recently wreaked havoc on their homeland. Reprisal! The Eagle Rises is action packed and filled with intrigue. Definitely a must read for action adventure fans.

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